Thursday, September 10, 2009

When didn't we merrimake? -- Look of the Day  

Here's a slideshow of my birthday fun... 9-10-09 It's so funny, three years ago I was 18 and so wasted I passed out on the floor. I was so wasted, that there were photos documenting me "cleaning up" after my party by way of finishing off drinks. I'm talking like 6 dirty vodka martinis a night, waking up the next morning with an entire bottle of Grey Goose vodka in my purse (?!), at the Four Seasons penthouse at some diamond sale... I love telling these stories because that is so not who I am anymore, I'm much more of a stay at home, watch a movie, bake a cake, smoke a joint, chill out, have a beer, go to the beach kind of a girl now.

I've lived in Hong Kong for five years, it goes by so fast but when I think back it feels like a different life. That's crazy, huh? The way you were feeling that felt so intense, the hurt feeling like it would never end, the happiness feeling like it would go on forever - it makes you realize that no matter what's going on it's going to pass and feel so fuzzy. This can be applied to fashion as well. I look at the hot shoes now, and I do think they're hot, but I realize this is just like everything else in 2 years these zippers, architectural shoes, bondage shoes are all going to be "So 2009..."

Anyway, here's some photos from last night :)

Wearing "Gucci" dress from Shenzhen, "Jimmy Choo" zipper pumps from Shenzhen, and python cuff from Bangkok

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5 comments: to “ When didn't we merrimake? -- Look of the Day


    That's a great outfit you're wearing!


    Aw thanks :) Could never do it without all the amazing Shenzhen shopping!!


    lovely lovely!
    enjoy your writing & am excited to see your new blog!!
    how fun would that be haahah..
    good to hear u had a good bday tho :)


    Found your blog, here's a surprise comment. I just started one but I should write more haha.

    haha love how you are now a stay at home bake a cake type -long gone are the days of drinking our lives away to godknows what and you smashing conor over the head with a microphone to Toxic.

    Such good times though. Always.
    Ha, our little squad. Awh. I miss that so much, will always hold those memories fondly hahaha...
    me and conor talk about Session 5 nights all the time.

    And I hope you never forget the night of "sausage back" and when you made me the key lime pies, haha that was so sweet of u.

    Nice pics missy... hope you also got a manicoooooooo... or some dimsum. ha . xx


    Thanks for your comment and stopping by. Totally agree about the chaos H&M will have in Nov...I can just imagine the queue outside H&M in Central, maybe I'll have to head to another branch just to get my hands on a pair of Choo's.