Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Times!  

I'm not like other girls. I don't get a birthday I seem to get a birthweek. Spoiled? Yeah probably... But I appreciate it! My parents always sing the 12 Days of Christmas song to me in tune with my birthday. It began last Sunday with my presents from Japan (lots of kitchenware stuff) and has progressed all week.

I was busy this week as well, all last weekend I spent with my parents and my boyfriend. Then Monday I had to prep for the video shooting I did on Tuesday for the Sense of Touch commercial. I'll upload the "behind the scenes" photos when I get them - oh man... Haha I'm kind of afraid of it coming out. I am NOT good on video. I was playing the role of a pale girl (who also needs a brazilian wax!) and goes through multiple scenarios of people saying, "Girl you look tired." "Why are you wearing THAT?! Don't you have a bikini?" Whatever, I embraced the tired, frumpy inner me and by the end of it I got a spray tan, a facial, and my nails did. The moral of the commercial was more that you can go from pale foundation and dark under eye circles, to tan, blonde and in a bikini.

Then the next day I went in for a real tanning treatment, got my hair done, and next week I have an all day spa appointment on Wednesday since I have a photoshoot on Thursday for the spa. I think I could get used to this lifestyle haha! The girls who work at Sense of Touch are SO SWEET! I usually leave photoshoots grumpy or in tears after being verbally assaulted "You are so bad model, I will have to spend so much money la you so fat the photoshopping take so many hours!" But these girls were super sweet, allowed me to improvise, were funny, bought lunch, dinner and a taxi for me to go home - it was such a refreshing experience!

Yesterday was my actual birthday, I ended up spending the day alone. Not because I didn't have other options, but I don't like birthdays. I like other people's birthdays, but my entire life I spent moving every 2 years and eventually I stopped telling people it was my birthday. I had my very first birthday party when I was 14, so big birthdays make me uncomfortable. I had fun last night though, I went out with my boyfriend for some insanely spicy Sichuan food

We ordered spicy softshell crab, tan tan noodles, cucumber with garlic, and chili dumplings

I really love Chili Fagara, it's not traditional Sichuan but it is SO good. They have an awesome set lunch as well, I haven't been in a while but it's a good deal if you're able to handle hardcore spicy in the middle of the day.

Today I'm moving slowly, I took a ton of photos so I will be able to update more frequently :) I'm going to be blogging as part of a small community that hopefully will become popular in Hong Kong. My focus is going to mainly be beauty/celebrities, so I'm excited about that. Hopefully with the right marketing we can make a little money from all this writing!

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