Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 1!  

My birthday is in nine days :) I'm very excited. I prefer to have a lot of little birthdays with all of the different people I love instead of one big birthday. When you have one birthday you don't get to properly pay attention to everyone, and anyway it's so much more fun to have a birthday week. I was thinking about all of the things I could possibly want, and nothing I want is really tangible. I know everyone says like, "All I want is peace & love" and that's crap, but I just want this to be a good year.

Wait... Shouldn't I say that at New Years? Oh well, I said it at NYE and I'll say it again: I just want a good year. I want some sort of a full-time job where people pay me on time and there isn't constant drama, I want my boyfriend to be happy and decide what he wants from his job/life, I want my friends to have good relationships and be happy, and I want my parents to be happy. That in itself makes me happy, not all that other crap. Someone told me once (I was drunk, I don't know if this is a perfect recollection) that there's a philosopher out there who said your success and happiness in life is directly related to those around you. It's true, when your friends/family/boyfriend are down - so are you.

Oh wait. I just thought of something I want, I want that little 12 year old dog I saw online once with the one eye and the broken jaw. I've been thinking about him for weeks and can no longer find his picture :( The story was the poor little guy was abandoned and needs a foster home, ohhh how I would love to take care of a little doggie and smuggle him on the train/bus with me everywhere.

Aside from all that birthday sentimental stuff, I went to Yuen Long with V today and we ended up taking the lightrail into the city. I didn't take photos of myself today because I'm recovering from the most horrible stomach flu in the known universe. I'm talking laying in bed, fetal position, crying, and dry heaving. On the upside my body feels sparkly clean! Downside is that I'm tired, dizzy, and could a rat's ass about how I look. I felt so bad and nasty today I wore a... hat. AND I wore a baggy shirt AND to top it all off I wore shorts. So unlike me. But now I'm feeling better and tomorrow the pencil skirts, dresses will be in full effect.

Yuen Long city is pretty cool, I went to the restaurant chain Taipei. I looked online, I have no idea what it's official name is, maybe I made that name up. But V told me they have 97 different flavors of bubble tea and an endless combination of french fry toppings. I stuck with the standard bubble tea, V had the taro one, next time I would like to try the Pineapple Green Tea - it looked sooooo refreshing. Since being sick I just get excited about drinks, icy cold drinks like Slurpees, smoothies, bubble tea, Coca Cola - it's so ridiculous. Food I'm sort of like, "Eh.." but give me a Slurpee and I'm in heaven! Tomorrow I'll make an effort to go back to Yuen Long city and take a picture of Taipei, I know there is also one in Fanling so there must be more than two in the whole country.

In addition to prowling Yuen Long for fashion delights (Nothing too exciting, we're switching seasons here soon) I found myself gazing at an advertisement. It was one of those strange moments, like when you meet your long lost evil twin... "Hey I know you... You happen to look a lot like me..." When suddenly you realize, no that's not an evil twin, that's not a body snatcher, that IS you.

Dun dun dun DUN...

This was taken quite a while ago and I did attempt to get paid for the photoshoot but I was swindled out of my money by a Paco Chan who owned Redstar Modeling Agency. I was told it was a catalog photo and was pretty surprised to see my photo in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore. They said, "Get proof" and so I did - then they stopped responding to me

Oooh that made me mad today. I looked at myself for a good five minutes and then I starting shouting at the image, shouting obscene angry things at it. Apparently that's just how shit goes down in Hong Kong, you sign up with a modeling "agent" and then you do photoshoots and when you try to get your money for an international ad campaign... It turns out it was never a registered business, and the guy running it is a complete f*ckwad. Hooray!

See, there I negated the sentimental happiness from my birthday :) Now I'm going to go watch True Blood and imagine what I would do if I had vampire powers...

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