Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We propound unpleasant lymail. -- Look of the Day  

I was really preoccupied the past few days, I had a job interview with a style consultant as an admin/assistant - so far so good! It'll be nice to do something every day, I try to spend every day out of the house and on the days when I'm stuck here it creates some insane cabin fever. So that was pretty fun and exciting, but that was yesterday (Weds), this look of the day is from Monday.

Monday I got to go see the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis, where everyone uses a robotic avatar to interact in day to day life. I think for the most part it was a good movie, the problem with "blockbuster" films is that they have to have mass appeal. I like my science fiction to be really nerdy and detailed, this was sort of as sci-fi/action movie and a little too short. Bruce Willis rocks! He might be getting old but I still think he's an awesome actor, if anyone else had played the role I don't know if it would have even been classified as a decent movie. I'll have to make an embarrassing yet true list of my favorite movies... I always hope someone out there has the same tastes and will turn me onto something new I'll love!

I'm so sick of the movies coming out now, I can get down with a chick flick... But for the most part I feel like it insults my intelligence. I'm sorry, I don't have marriage or babies on the brain & I don't think it's cool for movies to be encouraging that. Let's encourage people to fall in love and get married when the divorce rate looks a little better ;) Ugh and drama movies just make me depressed. I did happen to go see Final Destination 3D... Yeah, real winner. For the entire next day I was about to have a heart attack whenever I heard a sound. Bathroom door gets stuck, I start panicking, body slamming the door trying to get out. Not a highly recommended film

Red jersey dress from Granville Road, black cardigan from Cotton On, "Jimmy Choo" pumps from Shenzhen, vintage gold disc earrings

And in true Lizard form I found something new and exciting to eat. Marks & Spencers has just opened up a BAKERY, a real bakery with bread, pies, cookies, scones, snackssss! SNACKS! My boyfriend and I walked into the bakery (M&S store in central, basement), we literally jumped for joy, did a little dance, and high-fived. Yes, we love food. I mean we love food.

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Shortbread cookie with milk chocolate chips. $9HKD/piece

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