Wednesday, September 30, 2009

However we bustle? -- Look of the Day  

Last night was a p-p-p-p-partay! I met up with my blonde buddy to dry my clothes (I got caught in a torrential downpour without an umbrella) and hang out until we went out for a jazz show at 9. I think I was really tired, because we decided to go for a walk in the flood and ended up with me running through the streets laughing hysterically. I seem to have a TST Indian suit tailor beacon, just about on every corner we stopped at" "M'am would you like a fine suit?" Now... Let me think of how to explain this. I find TST synonymous with "suit", on a quick pass through The Dark Side I'll get asked at least 3 times if I'd like a suit.

Of course an acceptible answer to this question is, "No thank you." But for some reason that doesn't work. "A fine suit for you!" "..No, I don't need a suit." "Yes yes a fine suit for you! How about a watch, a handbag? Rolex?" "You're making me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry" "My shop is just upstairs." "DO I LOOK LIKE I EVER WEAR A SUIT I SAID NO THANK YOU ABOUT FIVE TIMES NOW YOU ARE CREEPING ME OUT!" Does that stop him? No. Never. I mean do they think I've never been asked if I want a suit made? Do I reek of tourist? Am I not saying the right thing? And why do I get followed? Okay it's understood, I do not want a suit in any capacity, nor a handbag - now stay on your corner! Don't follow me halfway down the street. Grrrrr! Anyway the end of this story is that I was so annoyed with this guy following me, patting me on the shoulder (oh you should have seen my face, it was a 'Oh HELLLLLLL no' face) until I finally ran into oncoming traffic and got honked at a few times.

There should be a law about these tailors. Or maybe they should go through a mandatory sales course.

Uh yeah, anyway so I went out later with a few friends to DaDa club at the Luxe Manor (39 Kimberly Road). It was a pretty nice club, a "new gothic" look to it, food that cost an arm and a leg, cheapish beer. We went to see Ifat's friend Michelle Garthe perform a few songs. I was totally jealous, I have always wished I could sing... This woman can sing! She's got a beautiful voice. She thought she was rusty, psh, I could have taken over the mic and belted out Britney Spear's Toxic for a few minutes to sky rocket her confidence.

The beautiful & talented Michelle / A cool oil painting inside DaDa

Ifat and I gorged ourselves on a delicious meal of green olives, peanuts, and almonds - by the time we got around to taking photos I think you could say we were a little faded. Bars/clubs/lounges are so evil, they serve you high fat salty snacks so you drink more. It really was a fun night, I ended up talking to a mutual friend about video games (my other embarrassing vice) and it turns out he makes video games. I love fashion and shopping, but once you get me talking about the Internet and video games... Clothes = FAIL. Sowwy.

Cotton On ribbed tank, Cotton On lace patterned pencil skirt, H&M gold chain belt, "Jimmy Choo" pumps from Shenzhen // Ifat's wearing a vintage tube dress, H&M bracelets, motorcycle boots

I think Cotton On should discover me, see how much I love their clothes, and send me millions of tank tops. Best freakin' tank tops in the world!

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