Sunday, September 13, 2009

Octuors quaver. -- Look of the Day  

Octuors made me think of octopus... The other night I spent at least an hour watching octopus videos. I had no idea how cool they are, check out this Indonesian Mimic Octopus!

I just can't get over how they not only change their color to adapt to their environment, but they also mimic the behavior. I don't know if octopus are actually intelligent or if they're just very complicated instinctual animals... There was a documentary of a guy who came across a giant octopus and when it approached him it literally checked him out. Ran its feelers all over him, touched him, and then decided he wasn't a treat and left. How crazy is that? I now love octopus(es).

On another note I went out today with my boyfriend and my parents to the Marriott for lunch. They have a buffet that's pretty nice, not as good as the JW Marriott on HK Island but still pretty good. What I like about the Marriott spread in Admiralty is their organic/vegan section, last time I was there I had such great tofu-chocolate tartlets!

My dad was pretty gung ho on taking a photo of the Marriott's sign, so I took a special picture of just the sign. And then one of me & my dad.

The weather has been so bizarre here today! It went from being beautiful and sunny to shitty and foggy... Apparently there's going to be a typhoon 8 tomorrow, I'm not going to hold my breath this time. So far this typhoon season has really sucked, so if it is an 8 it's going to be a drizzly, windy 8 that rocks on through for about an hour. Thanks typhoon.

Wearing "BCBG" dress from Shenzhen, yellow freshwater pearl necklace from Shenzhen, "Marc Jacobs" studded slingbacks from Shenzhen, random bangles from Cotton On and H&M

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