Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Effects of Cabin Feaver -- Look of The Day  

Casual look for once...
Plaid shirt from Maple, ribbed tank from Cotton On, white crucifix from Mong Kok, old DIY cut off jeans from Hollister

I think I should complain about typhoons more, last night we got a mighty T8 that ran all the way into the morning. I had quite an evening... T-Trifecta of Thrills evening as I was calling it. Tim Tams, True Blood, and a Typhoon. It was like someone triangulated my life with the letter T. I had a pretty uneventful dinner, though... I was pretty much saving all of my calories for the right to house a pack of Tim Tams haha. I'm not talking about those bullshit dark chocolate Tim Tams either, I'm talking like double coat TTs.

So long story short I watched the season finale of True Blood in bed, in a state of utter euphoria - until I got to the end. I won't spoil it for anyone but MAN I am not happy. I have devoured 5/7 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and I quite like them. I know that the show is based off of the book, but... My god, if they stray too far from the storyline I will probably be unable to watch the show. Whatever, Vampire Bill is very gentlemanly but Erik is so much better looking, he's so tall, he's so angry, he runs a bar, he wants to make Sookie a vampire - what is her problem? The show appears to be taking a very wide turn away from the books. So, my advice to anyone who loves the show: don't read the books, you will feel violated & sad.

My friend Nat who runs Hong Kong Hustle just posted up a video from being out in Lan Kwai Fong (our overpriced party street in HK) during the Typhoon 8. What a dedicated man to be out there reporting on our weather... At 2am ;)

RIP Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

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