Sunday, September 27, 2009

Al's Diner  

I forgot to post these! D'oh!

They're sort of outfit shots since the top of the dress is the only thing worth looking at :) It's a cute little leather bustier with studs and just a loose jersey "skirt" that hits right above the knees. Ok maybe it's a little shorter...

Crucifix from Mong Kok (someone told me it's very Dolce Gabbana), leather & studs dress from Mong Kok, and Guess pumps

Ifat & I have rekindled our strange blonde twosome, it's nice to hang out with her again! It's nice to have friends from all different backgrounds, interests, statuses, etc., but it really is a relief to have a blonde friend. Someone who also doesn't get jokes, walks up the wrong escalator, gets mad at being confused - whew! We're working on trying to get a group of girls to hang out once every two weeks to dress up, go out for dinner and an event, and perhaps drink. As you can see we did really well the other week on the drinking part :) Or actually, we did well on the "drinkeating", since a jello shot is kind of like eating and kind of like drinking. Word to the wise: every other flavor of jello shot is nasty, if you're going to be doing a jello shot go with the overpowering citrus flavor of lime.

I was busy all weekend doing some fun stuff with my boyfriend, going to a belated birthday dinner with my dad, I'm beat today. I took a bunch of photos (as you know out of 100 photos like... 1 turns out) and I'll post them up today. I know this is supposed to be a blog about fashion and shopping, but I love taking photos of food! Haha, I am such a loser. Every restaurant I start taking pictures of things I'm about to eat. Screw it, I'm no model - I'm going to be an aspiring food photographer ;)

It's nasty outside today, perfect excuse for sitting on my ass and playing on blogger!

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