Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mossy -- Home of the "Hump me Pump"  

As I was writing my blog about TST/Granville Road I really thought that it's unfair to give Mossy it's own post. Sadly I always forget to write down the address or even ask for a card. I'm simply too excited that I have purchased a new pair of shoes, so I run out of there like a bat out of hell.

Mossy stocks its shelves with unique shoes, many I have never seen in Mong Kok and some that are not sold in other stores in the area (Granville). They have a wide selection and frequently update their stock. While the English of the sales people is sometimes limited, they're always willing to help you as best they can. A lot of the time the store will run out of their popular styles of shoe in the most common sizes (37-39), but if you leave your name and phone number they'll call you in a week to notify you of new stock. Most of the shoes in Mossy run under $500HKD, nothing I have personally ever bought there over $450, but in the winter I imagine some of their higher quality boots will cost more. If you're looking for an unusual pair of statement shoes on a budget, Mossy is the place to go.

These are three of my favorite shoes I have purchased from Mossy...
(Click for a much larger image)

On the far left we have stripper-esque latex, heel/boots with lots of lace up and buckle details. Surprisingly they're very comfortable, the inside is padded just like a running shoe. The important thing about being comfortable in a pair of shoes like this is that you tie them tight enough that you don't wobble around inside, but not so tight that you loose circulation. For some reason whenever I wear these shoes I get a lot of unwanted attention, even if I'm wearing a conservative dress. I think this has a lot to do with HK men and some sort of complex with being punished. I mean there is an abundence of jerks here (as noted in Single in the City:, I suppose seeing a pair of shoes that could kick the shit out of a deserving bastard is a turn on.

The middle pair of shoes I like very much, they're a pair of those "sit don't walk" shoes. My big story about this pair is that while wearing them I completely wiped out going down a flight of stairs. They're not poorly made shoes, I think the fronts of them have a little bit of an upward flip. So the lesson should be that upward flip + beer + girl + stairs = disaster. I had a true LOL moment remembering going down all those stairs on my knees, I had bruises for weeks. Despite my little trip, they're a unique pair of shoes & should be the centerpiece of an outfit.

Finally on the far right is my new pair of black Mary Janes. I wore these out a few weeks ago & got a lot of compliments on them, they're simple, but definitely a sexy step up from traditional Mary Janes. While I obviously have a thing for buckles, straps, bondage, and all that other kink stuff in my shoes, I LOVE these shoes because they fasten with velcro! Genius! I managed to walk down D'Aguilar street in a typhoon without falling, the velcro held up, no upwards flip at the front of the shoe - a success.

All of the shoes on here were under $500HKD, with the boots being the most expensive at $430 or so. This week those strappy boots are on sale for $300HKD, the Mary Janes for $100HKD. At the moment almost everything in the store is on sale for $100, including sandals, booties, and pumps.

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