Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Majorly Crushin' -- Accessories  

What blog wouldn't be complete without me posting an image of a bunch of stuff I want? Well today I was feeling in the accessories mood so I browsed online to find some of the stuff I was really digging. While I like to wear summery dresses & seem to have adopted the attitude of: "if it is frilly, I shall wear it" I also love black and "punk" looks. I would never in a million years call myself punk, and I'm sorry to every real punk out there because I'm ripping off some essential elements of the style and bastardizing it.


1. GoJane.com sunglasses are DOPE. I have a pair that are similar (black with a chain), I think these are a little more feminine. Great subtle cat's eye shape, which I personally think slims and flatters any face.

2. Matryoshka Doll Earrings caught my eye, black, red - I'm sold. Living in Asia I don't get the opportunity to buy nestling dolls, but as a kid I had so many of them. Of course never to store anything, but just because I thought they were cute & I loved how they could fit inside of each other. Having them as earrings? Grown up way to obsess over these damn cute little dolls! Matryoshka Doll Earrings from Melissa Loschy @ Etsy.com

3. Egyptian Cat Mask (Bast) I saw browsing masks on Etsy. Why would I be browsing Etsy for a mask? Because there's nothing more in the world I want than to walk around with a mask on. While there were a whole bunch of cute ones, I love Egyptian mythology and this mask of Bast is very cute. Mix of traditional and cute kitty. Egyptian Cat Mask (Bast) from Merimask @ Etsy.com

4. Steampunk Sunflower Ring comes from the Glamouporium, essentially my place of worship. The Glamourai is a blog I've been reading for over a year, actually her blog was the first blog I stumbled upon and I have been a devout reader ever since! A year ago The Glamourai inspired me to chop off the sleeves of a denim jacket, and I haven't looked back since. Since then she's created her own line of jewelry, funky & fantastic! I love this steampunk ring; I could just eat those petals. Steampunk Sunflower Ring from The Glamourai @ Etsy.com

5. Taxidermy Finch Wing Necklace. Taxidermy is freaky, but I saw this necklace and all I could think of was how much I wanted it. I love animals, don't get me wrong… But I'm sure this little finch bit the dust before he got turned into a necklace. What better way to honor his life than in fashion? Loved to Death has an entire collection of taxidermy items, from brooches to necklaces - I'd buy them all if I could. Taxidermy Finch Wing Necklace from Loved to Death @ Lovedtodeath.net

6. Wing of Steam Tie Clip was another awesome Etsy.com find, it's supposedly for men but I think I could find a few good uses for this baby. I love feathers and wings, but ever since I read Neal Stephenson's A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer I've been in love with steampunk. For those who are not familiar with steampunk, it's a genre of science fiction that uses Victorian elements in a futuristic setting. If I could dress up as a neo-Victorian every day I would! Wing of Steam Tie Clip from Days Long Gone @ Etsy.com

7. Lucky Rabbits Foot - Carborundum Pendant. I love the raw look of the stone here and all of the colors in it. Natural stones are so sexy, and it's on a nice long chain perfect for wearing with everything. Obviously I have a fondness for black, but come on, this would go with anything. It picks up a ton of colors and I can only imagine how many people would comment on it, it's a really unique piece. Lucky Rabbits Foot from The Social Cellar @ Etsy.com

8. Sterling Silver Charmer Round Beads looks like a combination of earthy and punk styles. I've recently been salivating over this leather wristband with little studs all over it that's for sale in Mong Kok, so when I saw this bracelet I had instant cravings. It would look so delicious on its own with a bunch of stacked rings on one hand. I think what's getting me about this bracelet is the variations in the size of the beads. It doesn't take a lot to get me to want it, shame I'm not filthy rich! Sterling Silver Chamer Round Beads from CraeVita @ Etsy.com

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