Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keepin' it Trendy -- Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony  

Red Alert!!!

I may live in Asia, but that is absolutely no excuse for not following world trends. And this, my friends, is a world trend. These boots have been circulating around the blogs for a few months now, Opening Ceremony had them up for pre-order and were immediately abuzz in the blogging world. Now they're available online through a number of stores (check them out below) - and they are SOLD OUT in EVERY SIZE.

Why do I want them? I have no idea... Is it because they're sold out? Maybe. I am once again returning to Shenzhen this Saturday, and by God I have a mission. I will find a replica shoe if it kills me.

Fashion forecast is buckles, black, a little goth, a little bondage. While I'm not a huge fan of celebrities designing clothes, I have always had mad respect for Chloe Sevigny. She's not a typical Hollywood actress, and while the haters say she is a cliche hipster, I say she's much more than that. She's talented, she's uniquely pretty (in a kind of ugly way), she has a natural body, she wears what she likes, and I saw her on the NYC subway once. I just about had a panic attack, but I kept my cool & pretended that I had no idea who she was. My boyfriend just shook his head at me, "You're such a nerd. If you idolize her so much, you should just go tell her how much you like her style." Are you kidding?! That's the first rule of being a fan, you must respect the privacy and space of those you adore!

These cute wedge boots are available only in black, but come in leather and suede - I would not recommend suede if my life depended on it. In the temperamental environment of HK those babies would be ruined after one afternoon downpour. Not to mention sexy dominatrix black leather is way cooler.

One pair will set you back $625USD (ouch)... But hey, if you've got $625 to blow that's always fun. I don't. There is a cute alternative from Parisian born brand Surface To Air - similar idea. I feel like they're a more feminine alternative. They're about half the price, so like I said, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket you can spend serious money on the pair from Opening Ceremony (if they ever are in stock again) or you could spend $358USD on the Surface to Air buckle sandals.

Get 'em here at

Or shop the rest of Chloe's new unisex line for Opening Ceremony here (pre-orders through Opening Ceremony are closed, shoes will be available soon)

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