Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hypermeters are polytheistic. -- Look of the Day  

Wearing blue & lace dress from Argyle Center @ Mong Kok / Brown leather belt from Shenzhen / Gold bangles from H&M / Woven sandals from Ome @ Granville Rd

Last night I met up with V for some dumplings from my favorite dumpling house in central, Yuan Dumpling. I always get broccoli and the vegetarian dumplings, they are SO good. I also like their hot and sour soup... It's really hot here, not exactly hot and sour soup weather. V also ordered the 1000 year-old egg with tofu, mmm... I will try anything, but I explained to her it's not the flavor of the egg - it's the texture. Why does the egg turn to jelly? WHY? Something about an egg suddenly turning green and gelatinous... I don't know, maybe I'm too white, but I just cannot get down. Sure I'll eat marrow, cartilage, but whenever I see those eggs I just get seriously grossed out. (Check out this video from the Tin Hau branch of Dumpling Yuan)

Dumpling Yuan T: 2525 9018
69 Wellington Street (across from Da Nang Vietnamese restaurant & the old Deli@Wellington)
Central, Hong Kong

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