Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i am a consumer  

Main Entry: con·sum·er
Pronunciation: k&n-'sü-m&r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
One that consumes : as a : one that utilizes economic goods

I go shopping every day of my life. If I don’t go shopping one day I feel like… I feel sad, grumpy, and I think about things I would like to purchase in the future. Now, this doesn’t mean I spend $1,000 a day at Lane Crawford. I even like to browse and imagine I’m shopping. I’m really not joking, this isn’t some commentary when I embellish on my secret thoughts for your pleasure. This is a serious issue, and I’m writing about it now so I can afford to keep doing it.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a shopaholic, I don’t go on crazy shopping sprees & have thousands of shoes I’ve never worn… Ok, well I’m waiting for the “perfect time” to wear some of my shoes because they’re too beautiful to wear just anywhere. And I do probably have at least 25 dresses that I’ve never worn, but same thing – they’re just too beautiful & they’re those once in a lifetime dresses. It would be a crime to go out to a pub and wear a beautiful Chanel replica dress. I just have a lot of respect for my clothes!

I get misty eyed and enthusiastic talking about the playground of Shenzhen, endless rows of stores, bargaining, people screaming at you, finding secret treasures… Shopping is my alpha and my omega. To me it is the be all, end all epitome of fun.

My hopes is that this blog will be like dropping acid, it will expand your mind and take you places you never dreamed of. You’ll feel all sorts of tingly, the world will become a blur around you, and suddenly everything makes sense. You have been put on this earth with money in your pocket for one thing – to shop.

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